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Bouke S. Nagel

Bouke S. Nagel

Bouke S. Nagel studied Business Administration as part of the Social Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He is an avid reader and likes to write. Over the past years Mr. Nagel published his so-called “explorations” and other pieces in OVI-Magazine on topics such as the EU, contemporary populism, democracy and the financial crisis. These were received very well by the OVI-readership and for that he is grateful. Comments or remarks on his articles and thoughts are appreciated. 

 What will the 21st century be about? by Bouke S. Nagel
“History doesn\'t repeat itse
 The Culture Conundrum by Bouke S. Nagel
 Chances are that Europe will resemble Italy in the foreseeable future by Bouke S. Nagel
“What fair is foul and foul
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 What is left to believe in?What is left to believe in? by Bouke S. Nagel
 The Subsidy SocietyThe Subsidy Society by Bouke S. Nagel
Over the past years many books, movies and documentaries appeared about the financial crisis and the state of contemporary society in the West. I am thinking of writers and commentators like Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Michael Lewis and Jim Roger
 The role of politicians in government by Bouke S. Nagel
Suppose that one day a stranger knocks on your door. He or she shows you a legal document which resembles a novel. You open the booklet and look at legal mumbo jumbo of which you comprehend nothing. Then, the stranger requests your signature in th
 Star Trek, Star Wars and populism by Bouke S. Nagel
This year, Bas Heijne, a writer for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, ventured deep into populist territory and wrote a book about it called “Do we need to love one another?” At the beginning of his book he states that there is somethin
 The Buddha complex by Bouke S. Nagel
A few years ago I met a grandmother in the small town of Davos in Switzerland. She, like me, enjoyed a debate during the World Economic Forum of 2009. When she noticed that I was able to produce some sentences in Swiss German she decided that I wa
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