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Asa Butcher

Asa Butcher

Over ten years in Finland has failed to dent my sense of humour, although it has altered my perception of what it is to be an Englishman. There are times I wonder just who I am and what I am doing, and then my daughters come running to me and I forget all about those thoughts. There's much more to me, but I prefer to save that for our second date...
 Happy 16th birthday, OviHappy 16th birthday, Ovi by Asa Butcher
Has it really been a year since I last sat down to pen an editorial in celebration of an Ovi birthday? Wow, where has the time gone? Let’s see…. what has happened in the past 365 days since I last appeared on the
 Happy 15th birthday, OviHappy 15th birthday, Ovi by Asa Butcher
As I sit here in Finland with the winter darkness relentlessly staring in through the kitchen window, I can\'t help mull over the events of the past year. I am torn emotionally between the helpless despair of my country\'s politics and the neve
 Happy 14th birthday, Ovi by Asa Butcher
Who in their right mind would decide to launch a new website just days before Christmas? Yes, the answer to that question is obviously Thanos, John and I, although I forget who made the final decisi
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 Happy 13th birthday, Ovi by Asa Butcher
Upon arriving home from work yesterday, I was bemused to discover a little red wooden door attached to a white frame on our kitchen table. A plastic wreath and brass-coloured plastic fittings were laid out beside it, obviously waiting to be attached. M
 Happy 12th birthday, Ovi! by Asa Butcher
 10th Birthday by Asa Butcher
 Better eight than neverBetter eight than never by Asa Butcher
No, your eyes are not deceiving you. No, you are not dreaming. No, this is not a hallucinogenic side-effect of your medication. Ovi Magazine really is eight-years-old and I really am contributing to the celebrations. I know, I know!It has been
 Happy 6th birthday, Ovi! by Asa Butcher
Admittedly, I have been a wayward father to young Ovi over the past year, but that is not to say my interest in his growth has diminished. My name may not regularly appear among the four daily contributions hitting the front page each morning, but
 Smoke Screen by Asa Butcher
Over the past few months there has been very little to spark my outrage enough to open up a new Word document and begin bashing the keyboard. However, an article about a National Health Service smoking cessation service, based in Plymouth, England
 Nominate: Event/Person of the Year 2010 by Asa Butcher
And the winner is... you decide! Yes, it is that time of year when Ovi Magazine offers you the chance to nominate your choices for our Event or Person of the Year. There can be only one winner, so make your choice count. Past
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