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Arman Nobari

Arman Nobari

I'm an artist, designer, and humanitarian from California. I'm on a mission to change the world through my art, depicting the plight of the 3rd world and the contrast to the 1st world, with proceeds directly supporting efforts to provide medicine, food, and water to those in need.


 Pastels At 2AM: Emily Manova by Arman Nobari
 A JourneyA Journey by Arman Nobari
In 2008 I traveled with friends to various locations around Europe. We landed in Berlin, drove to Frank
 Do It Yourself - For The WorldDo It Yourself - For The World by Arman Nobari
  When I was 20 I started painting. I felt like I missed the \"apprentice\" stage. I wasn\'t a child prodigy, I didn\'t go to art school - what the hell could I possible know about art? All I did know was t
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 The Works of Arman NobariThe Works of Arman Nobari by Arman Nobari
I come from a very culturally mixed background and upbringing, with stories of my relatives escaping Iran in the 70\'s, or experiencing racism in the United States during this same time. Many of my pieces attempt to interact with the dialogue between c
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