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Andrew Farley

Andrew Farley

28y, 27/10/77, 2nd year student at Chichester University studying English & Creative Writing. Frustrated guitarist/singer/songwriter and proud husband and father of two.
 "The Rhyme of the Drunken Mariners" by Andrew Farley
Are we sitting comfortably?If yes then I’ll begin.To tell a tale so tall and toughyour head and tongue will spin.Two sailors sat and sung a songthat sounded slightly odd.They sniffed an
 Pins and NeedlesPins and Needles by Andrew Farley
Even before I opened my eyes, I could the feel the warm midday sun splashed across my face. As the room came into focus and my eyes adjusted to the light, a familiar sense of disappointment washed over me. I don’t dream very often you see, d
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