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Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib had gone a long way in the world. He comes from the Tigris and Euphrates valley, from the cradle of our civilization but he chosen to live in Finland, the extreme north of Europe, which is considered the laboratory of the future.
 Love or be lovedLove or be loved by Amir Khatib
We were created to love or be loved.  I love a blind companion  looks like my mother,  hide from him,  And finds me red-handed.
 In the fieldsIn the fields by Amir Khatib
Here, in the fields, I try to smell the lilies, it\'s so many, And until I\'m done with it, The freshest ones wither.
 Between doubt and certaintyBetween doubt and certainty by Amir Khatib
Longer distance from death. To make the point clear: Take a little love much sorrow, grains of salt And a bunch of dark pitch ,
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 To the heavenly goodnessTo the heavenly goodness by Amir Khatib
To the heavenly goodness  ask the salt ship timber, If you miss your songs! The sails have no wind to remember,
 Introducing Hossam ShaabanIntroducing Hossam Shaaban by Amir Khatib
An Egyptian playwright with three distinguished works, all of which speak about the current Arab situation in a symbolic and sarcastic manner; dealing with the crises created by the presence of an imaginary or a real enemy.
 A dreamA dream by Amir Khatib
Came in a dream As if I count stars on a clothesline, I fold one in my basket and leave another wet with clouds. A fresh blue devouring the scene. Wheneve
 Who are weWho are we by Amir Khatib
We are only born once, Then we are born several times later, We die once, And we shall not die forever, We are a tribe that one wolf can devour us,
 My nameMy name by Amir Khatib
Finally they were able to replace my idle hand with a solid iron hand, I can now To catch and kill the devil, He does not expect me to do this, but a human,
 Is it meIs it me by Amir Khatib
In a mirror inscribed \"Don\'t look back\", I saw a man with two eyes full of his face, and two gloating overflowing with estrangement,  I don\'t remember seeing it before.
 InevitabilityInevitability by Amir Khatib
It is inevitable,  after sixty years, And my eyes are on the ground, Search the forest, Among the bushes behind the humps, Unde
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