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Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib had gone a long way in the world. He comes from the Tigris and Euphrates valley, from the cradle of our civilization but he chosen to live in Finland, the extreme north of Europe, which is considered the laboratory of the future.
 I will not fade awayI will not fade away by Amir Khatib
I will not fade away, as they say,Rather, I will be absent for a long time,I do not return to homeland like a refugee dreams,It emerged in another place,And a sheep may
 The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky by Amir Khatib
The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky The sun deceived usWe were defeated by our grandfathers’ landAnd the moon gave us whimper that we do not deserve
 Desire to returnDesire to return by Amir Khatib
I desire to return home. burn the wood and light the candles of the pine-tiled room, Covered with lime-white silence, light the stairway to the dim mist,
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 ConfessionConfession by Amir Khatib
If it must,I want a court of which there is no doubtAnd say what I have:I left at the open hour, without doors or locks,A bitter wind cut my neck,
 To my peers...To my peers... by Amir Khatib
 O my companion, who afflicted me and afflicted him, which I do not describe, just as I do not know how to describe myself, Let\'s try the slope from top to bottom,
 Al-Yamama songsAl-Yamama songs by Amir Khatib
 The dove buries its head, It folds its wings as the sun gathers its tail, and releases its last long wailing, Al-Mustrasil is similar to the old Rakbani maqam,
 To whoever has the desireTo whoever has the desire by Amir Khatib
You may not be forced into anything.no one can see you,other than open air,On an ignorant sea that has not uttered a word since its birth,Or a desert that forge
 Wild FieldWild Field by Amir Khatib
wild field, earthly certainty of the justice of the universe, While the branches are ignorant of their aroma, splashing in the rain, and hed
 The clavicleThe clavicle by Amir Khatib
I play the clavicle, There is no comparison or comparison I roll the days, the feathers of the wings, As the eruption of the bone fits,
 Clouds and stonesClouds and stones by Amir Khatib
 The clouds are flying stones, cratered, gray, tinged with anxious redness when the sun rises, And a very sad redness, the hour of her absence... But the clouds keep loo
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