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Amin George Forji

Amin George Forji

I am a Law Postgraduate Research fellow at Helsinki/Kent University. I'm from Cameroon. In my leisure time, I'm a freelance writer. I write both fiction and non- fiction. My major academic Research Interests include: World Crises and International Politics, Legal approach to World & Regional Conflicts, Legal philosophy, Legal theory, and Humanitarian Law.
 Mandela's 89th: More than a birthday by Amin George Forji
Former South Africa president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is undoubtedly one of the world's most famous living legends. He is equally one of the world's most loved and respected political leaders. No wonder that world celebrities joined Sout
 Salman Rushdie's Knighthood anger by Amin George Forji
Indian-born writer, Salman Rushdie may be a wanted man amongst Muslims, but in Britain he is a hero. During the weekend, he was knighted by the English Queen Elizabeth II, in honor of his writings and outstanding achievements. The 60-year-old Rush
 Global pedophile ring unmasked by Amin George Forji
The advent of the internet has in many ways made organized crime more sophisticated, as hardened criminals are increasing exploiting this lucrative medium of communication for their own devilish ends, using aliases, but police from four countries
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 "Dream of Hope for African Children" by Amin George Forji
Warm boys and girls of AfricaI know for sure, that right nowAs you embrace this unique day of your’sYour thinking heads must be filled upWith thousands and thousands of worries
 Tony Blair: "Farewell Africa" by Amin George Forji
After June 27, Tony Blair will no longer be Prime Minister of Britain, following his intention to step down on that day, after a decade of stewardship. Despite having less than a month in office, which many would have imagined he would use that ti
 Drogba: King of African Football by Amin George Forji
Didier Drogba, Chelsea's Ivorian prolific striker, was named 2006 Player of the Year by the African Football Governing body, CAF, following a ballot of Africa's 53 national team coaches in the Ghanaian capital of Accra for the country'
 North Korea breakthrough by Amin George Forji
Delegates at the ongoing six-party talks in the Chinese capital of Beijing, which were aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapon programme, made a major breakthrough by reaching a tentative draft document outlining steps for eventual disarm
 A Political Nobel Laureate by Amin George Forji
Last year's Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus, who won the prestigious award for his "banker to the poor", is now making new headlines following his announcement that he is forming his own political party that woul
 Vaccine trial begins by Amin George Forji
The government of South Africa recently announced that it has approved plans for the first-ever HIV vaccine trial to be conducted in the country. According to the press release from the Ministry of Health, the vaccine known as the MRKAd5 HIV-1 tri
 African Amputees kick off by Amin George Forji
On February 9th, Sierra Leone began hosting the All-African Amputee Football Championships for the first time. Colourful choreography marked the start of the tournament organised at Freetown's National Stadium.Almost 8,000
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