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Abigail George

Abigail George

Abigail George studied film and television production for a short while, which was followed by a brief stint as a trainee at a production house. She is a writer and poet. She has lived in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth but she is currently living in Port Elizabeth. She has had poetry published in print and online. She has had short fiction published online. In 2005 and 2008 she was awarded grants from the National Arts Council in Johannesburg. She is not purely devoted to poetry but to pursuing writing fulltime. Storytelling for her has always been a phenomenal way of communicating and making a connection with other people.
 In the lasting pursuit of happinessIn the lasting pursuit of happiness by Abigail George
She has known pain all her life, has taken cou
 FallingFalling by Abigail George
Falling    Our choices change the future    evolution of the universe. His    body is heaven’s plateau. A cold
 The painted birds The painted birds by Abigail George
(for Ambronese)    I’m helpless. She knows this and tells me     to forget this place of weeping and change.    She’s an
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 NashvilleNashville by Abigail George
I am running away to Hollywood or Nashville. I want to know what the truth is, even if the truth hurts. That you do not love me. I want to hear you say that mum and dad, miles away from here while I am through with the break
 See everything as an opportunitySee everything as an opportunity by Abigail George
This is how I became an extreme writer, an extreme personality, an extreme human being. There is an art to love, an exceptional and extraordinary art to love. Some people, like scientists and scholars and intellectuals and p
 On dwelling in the house of the Lord foreverOn dwelling in the house of the Lord forever by Abigail George
I am dove-wing and prayer.  In the family way, I hold atribe of birds in my heart-all  waves of golden-mystery.
 With his hand in the small of her backWith his hand in the small of her back by Abigail George
The glories of love, he whispered in her ear. You are all the glories of love when I look into your eyes, when I hold you in my arms, tight around the waist and feel you tremble in my arms. It was true, the girl did not care
 The Most Popular Hills Known In This CountyThe Most Popular Hills Known In This County by Abigail George
Why does life have to hurt so much. Why do people tell each other that they love you, when they don\'t. Why do grown ups tell each other they\'ll love you forever when they don\'t. The sa
 Too much to askToo much to ask by Abigail George
This is the soundtrack of my heart, of my life if you care to listen. If there is anyone out there who cares to listen. I am the girl you never phone. You never think of me. Was that too much to ask. I never hear your phone
 Happiness or something like itHappiness or something like it by Abigail George
Pain. There was pain in remembering the past, but also surrender, also in the sweetness of the letting go. Take the pain away. Replace it with a loving mother and father. She is looking into his eyes, he is holding her hand. They are in love. M
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