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World Spelling Day World Spelling Day
by The Ovi Team
2023-03-05 08:09:12
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spell01March 5th; Students everywhere will be participating in World Spelling Day! Spelling is such a key part of literacy - we need to be literate to be educated and go on to get a good job or to do something as basic as write our name, or enjoy a great book.

There are so many reasons why literacy is so important and unfortunately many people in poorer countries won't get the chance to learn. Why? There is a lack of trained teachers, not nearly enough textbooks and not enough involvement in children's learning. So how can you help?

To take part, teachers, parents or pupils themselves just need to register for free online. It's as simple as that. The games are designed for students aged 4-18, in school and at home and any adults that want to take part too!

On the day students will get to play in up to 100 word games and earn points for the right answer. Pupils that come top in the word puzzles will also win a prize!

To help UNESCO make a difference to countries like Vietnam and Africa all you have to do is make sure you're sponsored in March. To download the fundraising pack and find out more information visit the official World Spelling Day website.

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Leah Sellers2013-03-05 22:45:48
Thnks foe remeyeding Us, yawl.

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