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World Consumer Rights Day World Consumer Rights Day
by The Ovi Team
2023-03-15 08:13:29
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consume01March 15th; World Consumer Rights Day will be held around the globe to recognise our rights as consumers when it comes to financial services.

The day is organised by Consumers International, a federation which acts as an independent voice for all of us consumers, wherever we are in the world.

The organisation was founded in 1960, so with 53 years of experience you can be sure they know how to keep consumers happy and stand up for our rights in the modern marketplace!

The aim of the day is to celebrate solidarity within the international consumer rights movement.

The day was first observed in 1983, demanding that consumer rights were respected and protected.

Around the world the day will be marked with local initiatives, including campaigns, press conferences, workshops and street events.

You can find out more about what's happening near you by visiting the World Consumer Rights Day official website.

Often these initiatives look at the foods we eat, medicines we take and the products we use in our homes - things we use every day.

It's important to know that all these things are made ethically and that they all meet consumers' needs - so get involved!

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