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Cole Porter Cole Porter
by The Ovi Team
2021-06-09 08:33:15
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cole0001June 9th 1891; on this day in 1891, the great composer and lyricist Cole Porter—one of the most important American songwriters of the 20th century—is born in Peru, Indiana. Porter's earliest efforts on the musical stage were abject failures, but his family wealth allowed him to decamp to Paris in 1916, where he spent the better part of two decades living the dissolute life of a privileged Bohemian. It was here that Porter fell in with Hemmingway, Stein and other members of the Lost Generation of poets and writers. It was also here that Cole Porter met his future wife, fellow expatriate American Linda Lee Thomas. While Porter was gay, and many of his most beautiful love songs (e.g., "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To") were inspired by his male lovers, his marriage to Thomas would last for the rest of his life and provide him with the social status then necessary for a gay public figure.

Cole Porter spent the entirety of the 1920s living in Paris. It was only upon on his return to New York in the early 30s that he would truly begin building in earnest the career that would make him one of the most famous and beloved figures in 20th-century American popular music.

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