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Operation Babylift Operation Babylift
by The Ovi Team
2021-04-06 09:28:18
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kids00April 6th 1975; A plane carrying 99 Vietnamese orphans landed at Heathrow airport. The Boeing 747 was chartered by the British Daily Mail newspaper whose editor, David English, was inspired by the American Operation Babylift. The children, many of them only a few months old, were accompanied by British doctors and nurses on the 18-hour flight from Saigon.

At least 30 of the infants were suffering from pneumonia and six had to be taken to hospital after arriving at Heathrow. Most of the children had been in orphanages run by a charity, Ockenden Venture, in Saigon. The care of the children in the UK is being co-ordinated by the British Council for Aid for Refugees. The organisation has received calls from all over Britain from people wishing to adopt a child.

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