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Olof Palme assassinated Olof Palme assassinated
by The Ovi Team
2023-02-28 07:48:43
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February 28th 1986; the Swedish prime minister died after being shot in a street ambush in central Stockholm. His wife was wounded. Olof and Lisbeth Palme were attacked as they were leaving a cinema at about 2330 local time. Mr Palme was shot twice in the stomach; his wife was shot in the back. The police said a taxi-driver used his mobile radio to raise the alarm. Two young girls sitting in a car close to the scene of the shooting tried to help the Prime Minister. He was rushed to hospital but was dead on arrival.


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Eleana2013-02-28 15:29:55
I remember that so well. The world was shocked. Still to this day, as he was one of the better leaders.

Thanos2013-03-01 02:46:36
I actually met the man in early in 1970s and again in early 1980s and I still remember how impressive presence he was. The sad destiny of men who fight for change.

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