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The top New Year resolutions The top New Year resolutions
by The Ovi Team
2020-01-01 12:17:03
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resolution_400New Year’s resolutions are not a new tradition but obviously resolutions change with the time. The top ten most popular resolutions are the following:

1.   Spend more time with family & friends
2.   Fitness
3.   Weight loss
4.   Quit smoking
5.   Enjoy life
6.   Quit drinking
7.   Get out of debt
8.   Learn something new
9.   Help others
10. Organize self more

Anyone who has ever made and broken a New Year’s Resolution can appreciate the difficulty of behaviour change. Making a lasting change in behaviour is rarely a simple process, and usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort and emotion.

Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, or accomplish another goal, there is no single solution that works for everyone. You may have to try several different techniques, often through a process of trial-and-error, in order to achieve your goal. It is during this period that many people become discouraged and give up on their behaviour change goals. The key to maintaining your goals is to try new techniques and find ways to stay motivated.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-01-01 11:46:00
I resolved a long time ago not to make new year’s resolutions late at night in a semi-drunk stupor leading alas to self-deception. I am proud of the success of my resolve. Making resolutions that one finds later difficult to keep and follow-up on, can indeed be quite devastating to one’s sense of confidence and self-reliance. Lest I be misunderstood, let me add that doing nothing is not an admirable option either. Ben Franklyn suggested that if one were to acquire one virtue every year one would soon be nearing perfection in as much as it is humanly possible. Jesus Christ strongly suggested that we be perfect “as your Father in heaven is perfect,” and gave us a shining example; the ancient Greeks showed us theoretically how to live a virtuous, ethical and harmonious life leading to wisdom. What is needed is not resolutions but a serious examination of one’s life and one’s values, for “the unexamined life is not worth living.”We really don’t need much more than that on New Year!

Emanuel Paparella2012-01-01 12:41:12
P.S. to the above: one modest concrete step, not a resolution, in implementing in the new year what I mentioned in the above comments would be to acquire, read and ponder carefully Pierre Hadot’s Philosophy as a Way of Life: Spiritual Exercises from Socrates to Faucault. I consider that book the best book available for a layman or non-expert in philosophy and the man in the street on the existential meaning and value of philosophy. In it Hadot reveals that the reading of Marcus Aurelius’ meditations forever changed his view of philosophy and its relation to life.

Murray Hunter2014-01-02 12:44:03
For me, don't be so ambitious, just do things.

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