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A poem A poem
by Nic Mepham
2016-04-15 09:40:26
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that flicker is laughter
jumped out of ancient tales
the candles wick a glowing disaster
warming shadows for hearts
not for sale
poetthe crunch
frosted footpaths
all seasoned ways
they lead to wonder
release the wildest children
to stamp the very same snow crowned month
never is there enough of enough
that jack or nick
are meant to make merry
with our tender footing around
befuddle the grumblings
inspire our scrooge to change feelings
to believe in magic
even when shopping
takes us like moths
towards that giggling candles flame
unable to escape
we are free to be consumed
in the glad tidings
seasonal good will
and cheer we do
what it is to sense the gifts born
by thoughts that count
not the money
but the heart strings
that melt

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