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Protests outforce East German rulers Protests outforce East German rulers
by The Ovi Team
2022-11-07 08:59:00
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November 7th 1989; East Germany's Communist-dominated government has resigned - the first time such an event has occurred in the country's 40-year history. The decision by the Council of Ministers to give up office leaves the Communists still in power but represent a major concession to the growing protest movement. The mass government resignation is likely to have been approved by East Germany's leader, Egon Krenz, who is expected to select a new government shortly.

The departure of Prime Minister Willi Stoph and all 44 members of his cabinet followed demonstrations over the past month in several major cities. On Saturday one million people attended a pro-democracy rally in East Berlin's main square. Mr Stoph was closely associated with the recently deposed Communist leader, Erich Honecker, and Mr Honecker's wife, Margot, who was sacked last week as education minister. Mr Krenz will be hoping the resignation of a discredited government may help stem the flow of people fleeing the country.


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