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Palestinian Statehood and the US veto
by Dana Halawa
2011-09-30 07:15:06
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For decades the Palestinian people have been living under one of the top two most brutal occupations of the modern world.  They are dehumanized on a daily basis, their rights are violated and their land is stolen while any attempt of self defense is considered an act of terrorism.

According to the Human Rights Council, the United Nations has passed more resolutions condemning Israel than all other states combined. Israel has been the target of at least 100 UN resolutions since its establishment in 1948 on land formerly owned by Palestinians, most of which Israel has failed to comply with, while dozens more have been vetoed by the USA. Resolutions passed regarding Israel have varied from condemning Israel for its deportation of Palestinians, for its attacks and massacres, for failing to obey UN resolutions, for failing to abide to the Geneva Convention and for building Jewish only housing units and settlements on Palestinian land, to demanding and urging the right of return of the Palestinians deported in 1967 by Israel, demanding Israeli withdrawal of its forces, and even to deploring Israel’s refusal to follow prior resolutions or accept UN aid in ending violence in the region.

Despite Israel’s refusal to abide to any superior power, resolutions, or agreements, the world has continued to ask the Palestinian people to take the road of nonviolence in their strive for freedom. However, as the Palestinians stand to demand their most basic right to an existence by peacefully requesting the United Nations recognize their right to statehood, they are met with extreme censure from the super power of the world that urged them down this path, the USA.

Like other Arab Americans it greatly saddens me to see my country risk its international reputation and credibility and for the sake of protecting Israel from answering to its own crimes. In the past, America had covered for Israel while maintaining its public image. Over the years, their approach has gotten sloppy and their blind support and protection for Israel no matter the crimes, unabashed. Early this year, Obama vetoed a UN resolution which all other 14 members had voted for, condemning illegal building of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem. And now, threatens to veto any chance of Palestinian statehood.

Palestinians at home and in the diaspora were greatly disappointed by Obama’s speech to the United Nations. “Our friendship with Israel is deep, and endured” he said. Palestinians around the world saw Obama’s speech as a clear indication that the United States was biased for Israeli interests only. Many Americans as well felt that Obama let them down with his speech, placing Israel’s interests and security above their own.

Obama’s speech concentrated on the lack of security and hardship Israelis suffer, “Let us be honest with ourselves, Israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars against it, Israel’s citizens have been killed by rockets fired at their houses and suicide bombs on their busses. Israel’s children come of age knowing that throughout the region other children are taught to hate them.” However, he neglected to mention the Palestinians’ excruciating agony at the hands of Israelis which makes Israeli suffering futile in comparison. Israelis fear homemade rockets that rarely cause any causalities and suicide bombings on buses that haven’t happened for years now. The Palestinians however fear Israel’s continued atrocity and enormity. In Gaza 1.6 million Palestinians are living under an atrocious blockade depriving them of their most basic necessities including food, medical supplies, fuel, electricity and even sometimes water. In Jerusalem, Palestinians are being exiled from their homeland. And in the West Bank and Jerusalem, Palestinians are being banished from their homes as Jewish only settlements go up in their place. They fear daily harassment and arrests from the Israeli army which enters the Palestinian Territories as it pleases killing and taking POWs of all ages and genders. Hatred Mr. Obama is not taught, it is forced when you grow up without a parent, when your grandparents are still traumatized by the terror of the massacres they survived decades ago, when your whole family has been uprooted and your hopes and dreams are destroyed before they are ever formed.

Arab Americans feel betrayed by the president they supported and helped elect. Palestinians, all around the globe feel despondent on peace, and Palestinians living inside the territories threaten a 3rd intifada if America continues to brazenly aid Israel in their genocide by vetoing their right to statehood.

There is great hope Palestine will be upgraded to an ‘observer state’ at the UN General Council where America doesn’t have the power of veto and most states support Palestinian Statehood. However, Israel and Washington stand fixed on their position. Israel is terrified at the very idea of a Palestinian state. Although there was a former UN resolution already granting Palestinians the land of 1967, Israel did not comply and continues to take more and more land, which will be forced to stop. And their greatest fear, is the power that comes with statehood to take Israel to international court, where Israel will be found guilty of countless war crimes. President Barack Obama stands with Israel, revoking his prior claim that peace could only be met through a two state solution.

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.2011-09-30 14:49:28
So you're now pro-statehood?? Because you said on your Facebook group that you're against Abbas' move!

ابن حيفا2011-09-30 16:54:05
Abbas is Israel’s obedient pet, he sold his country in Oslo, which the media portrayed as a victory for the Palestinians and that Israeli people didn’t want, turning out to be a nightmare increasing building settlements and even prohibiting Palestinians from visiting their holy places and achieving their goal on stopping the armed struggle that was the only thing working against Israel ... and now it's even at a higher scale, who knows what they're planning: making a statehood that will empty Israel from its Arab inhabitants and this statehood may not even exist in the west bank ;) or arousing a war that will be the US's and Israeli's plan for creating a final Israeli map and in which the Palestinian Authority will be a junior partner. that my view that I pray every day not to be true and that it won’t succeed, and pray that the magic will be flipped on the magician.
And about taking Israel to the international court, couldn’t Iraq, Lebanon and many other states do that? Or is corrupted Abbas a better leader? the UN is a sustained organization but a collapsed world order, a tool in the hands of great powers and only a fake hope for weaker ones, I can give hundreds of examples from Chechnya to Kashmir to Sudan to Bosnia to Burma and now Somalia ... they let east Timor use its right for self determination even forcing it in 2002 while their population was less than a Million, meanwhile betraying Palestinians for more than six decades!!! I think the only solution would be when the Arabs and Muslims finally unite, sadly the quote 'what's taken by power can only be retrieved by power is a rule in our hypocrite world, and in this case particularly.
I respect your opinion and believe in your intention just as much as I’d like you to consider my words, you’re a great woman that chose the hard path of defending the truth not because you're Arab but because you're a human, and don't be (I know you’re not) afraid of changing your judgments in condition that you believe the new ones are the truth because nothing is permanent except change ... I mean if the companions didn’t change their views we wouldn’t be Muslims :) (This is partly to the other comment with all respect ^^)
So I wish you, and all of us, luck on the pursuit of the truth and keep on being a voice of the great Palestinian people :)

Dana Halawa2011-10-01 01:26:53
thank you Ibn Haifa for your comment.
anonymous: I, like every other Palestinian am pro-statehood, a country to call my own where i can move freely in my own land without the hassle and hours of delay on the occupier's checkpoints in my own cities. Where I can allow my kids to go out and have fun without worrying for their security and ability to get home safely if the Israeli army decides to suddenly come in or call a curfew. But, like a great number of Palestinians i am against this statehood's conditions. I am against giving up the right of return of millions of Palestinians exiled from their homes and country, a right that i, nor Abbas have to give up. i am against accepting Israel keeping some of it's internationally recognized as illegal settlements on my land which I’d be giving up legalizing the settlements on it !! i am against a state that gives up 80% of my land to have a state on the remaining 20% or less. I believe we have absolutely nothing to gain, and so much to lose. The land we’d be declaring our state on has already been declared our in previous UN resolutions (which Israel failed to comply with just as it will to any new resolutions) everyone knows even if statehood is granted, nothing real will happen on the ground that Israel doesn’t want, with it as the sole power and control holder.
I wrote this article after being asked to interview Palestinians living inside Palestine and in the States about their opinion towards the US veto. I did not write about my or other people’s opinions on the actual statehood but on the US veto. Whether pro or anti statehood, most, or I think I’d be safe to say all Palestinians agree on their opinion towards America’s repeated protection and defense of Israel making it untouchable even in the face of justice. This UN bid has showed those for and against it America’s biased stance and incredibility as a mutual party in peace negotiations.

ابن حيفا2011-10-01 09:59:26
you're welcome

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