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Rock legend Hendrix dies after party Rock legend Hendrix dies after party
by The Ovi Team
2023-09-18 06:12:53
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September 18th 1970; Guitarist Jimi Hendrix has died after collapsing at a party in London. Police say there was no question of foul play. A number of sleeping pills were found at the house in Notting Hill Gate and they have been taken away for analysis.

Hendrix, 27, was born in Seattle, Washington, but raised to fame in Britain with his band the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He will be remembered as a key figure in the music world who transformed electric guitar-playing using distortion, feedback and sheer volume to create a revolutionary new sound.



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David Sparenberg2012-09-18 23:02:11
In the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, across the street from the community college where I teach Shakespeare to aspiring actors on Saturday mornings, is a life size broze statue of Mr. Jimi on his knees on the sideway, head tossed back, guitar in hand. He died in London, but Jimi Hendrix grow up around here.

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