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Voyager reaches Neptune Voyager reaches Neptune
by The Ovi Team
2023-08-25 08:09:06
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neptune01August 25th 1989; the unmanned Voyager 2 spacecraft has sent back the first close-up pictures of Neptune and its satellite planets. Neptune is over two billion miles from Earth - the most distant planet in our solar system. Scientists at Mission Control in Florida have called it the "culmination of the greatest journey of exploration this century". Voyager 2 has already sent back pictures and information from Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. But its trip to Neptune has provided the most spectacular so far. Neptune's blue hue is clearly visible - it comes from the planet's mainly methane atmosphere.

Scientists have been astounded by the discovery of a storm the size of Earth hovering over Neptune. Six new moons have also been identified. Voyager 2 blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida in August 1977. It is a twin to Voyager 1 which was launched the following month. Originally their trip was only designed to take in Jupiter and Saturn but scientists later decided to extend their journey and reprogrammed them by remote control.

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