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Caffeinated: Christmas is here
by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Issue 11
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Christmas is here
25th December 2005

Christmas never was my most preferred time of the year but I never say no to some time off school and work.

What I like the most is the weather. You can wear anything you like and never have to wary about how hot the weather is.
As you probably understand this is a very slow news week with nothing exciting enough to make me write about it.

I went the other day with my (7 y/o) sister to watch The Chronicles of Narnia. It was pretty much OK although I would prefer to watch the movie with its original sound rather than the dubbed version however it was a nice movie with an exciting scenario, cool action sequences and special effects.

Saw II on the other hand was too sick even for my sick sense of taste. More than enough scary for a scary movie but the scenario was even sicker than what I expected it to be. Watch it at your own risk, I sincerely recommend it!!!

Greek professionalism in action!!!
30th December 2005

Three convicts where being transported from the prisons of Ioannina (western Greece) to Salonica (northern) covering a distance of about 400Km most of them through mountain snowy roads. Well actually the roads were no such big problem since thousands of people cross them every year moving north to west, including myself and we are kind of prepared for the winter weather.

Anyway who were these cons? A small time Albanian drug dealer with his brother and partner in crime and a Russian... well he killed a woman at Corfu island and when arrested he stated that he killed her because he wanted to know how it felt like to kill and the psychiatrist evaluated him as being a psychopath so... no comments here...

Only three men were signed to them, three old and with diminished reflexes men dressed with casual clothes (a clear indication of their mentality) in a small armored van. The Russian requested a toilet stop in a “middle of nowhere” location in the mountains where with the assistance of the Albanians he killed 2 out of his 3 guards and escaped only to be found dead 4 days later...


Wed. 21st Dec ’05
The movie The Chronicles of Narnia made it to the local theaters.

Sun 25th Dec ’05
Japan: A train got derailed because of the poor weather conditions. Four dead and (about) thirty injured.

Mon 26th Dec ‘05
Russia (Saint Petersburg): 26 people are in critical condition because they inhaled some unidentified gas.

Tue 27th Dec ‘05
29 Killed in road accidents for Christmas alone. Shame...

Fri 30th Dec ‘05
2 dead police officers 2 escaped cons. One arrested 2 days later the other was found dead 4 days later...

Sun 1st Jan ‘06
Terrible hangover, too lazy to write, happy new year every one!!!

The aftermath
Sat 7th Jan ’06
The lies are over, I’m back at Salonica and it’s time to start preparing for this semester’s exams.

Mon 9th Jan ‘06
The new Intel powerbooks and iMacs are out. Let's see...


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