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I am a revolution
by Mbizo Chirasha
2011-05-19 08:52:49
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Tongues of their guns kissed the bottoms of our country walls
sand of corruption sedimented our banking malls
bishops munching rainbow chicken bones,
singing political verses

violence is a black disease
racism is a white disease
xenophobia is epidemic
blood spilling is endemic
dissidents studying theology
eunuchs graduating criminology
afghanistan ,earthquake of religions
pakistan,volcano of political legions

corruption natural lotion applied in armpits heavy weights
extortion vaseline shining on thighs on high offices
iam not revenging freedom of expression
iam bubbling with freedom of expression
iam constitution of word identity
iam poetry butter and bread
i see children blinded by propaganda peri peri
i see blinded nations

they ate the last supper joburg
their departure never came ,
even when the rainbow sun rose
iam in the drama of the state
my temper of dignity rise and sink
my children drank the apatheird poison
iam diagnosing them with freedom passion

iam tired of academics who loot
and intellectuals who shoot
luther is my tight comrade
iam a cheer leader
iam an african phonologist
i was born fron african sound
iam renaissance home bound

propaganda is the jingle of peasants
verdict is the slogan of exiled
iam a brand of poetic tomatoes
iam diving in trees of political apples

doubtful metaphors still dance out night in the glory of african sun
barometer of poverty boxed by Khoisan
rainbow streets bling with ghettoes
so what the fuss,motorcades
no longer drive ,village dust highways

rhythm of rainbow eaten by dogs
blood rhymes of freedom born frees sucked
by bed bugs
daughters depleted by social anorexia
babies whipped by cultural diarrhoea
we are suffering from freedom malnutrition.

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