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Everybody wants to play with fire Everybody wants to play with fire
by David Barger
2021-04-13 09:28:09
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Everybody wants to play with fire

fire01_400_01Longing to be instilled with warmth

In the forgettable realms of destruction
Remembering the heritage of ancestors
When worshipping the burning sun
Began and ended each passing day.

The swimmers still fear the sunrays,
And hold tight each breath under water
Becoming reminiscence of mermen
And mermaids with feet wrinkling
Seemingly more like tailfins than toes.

No one was around nor remembers
The destructive powers of ice
When the earth was covered from pole
To pole blanketed in silent crystals.
You ask how I am aware of such things?

Easy enough to unfold in explanation
As everyone talks even in secret,
But the wind carries all spoken words
Whether in normal voice or in whisper
And drops the conversations like raindrops
To whoever is merely listening
With open ears having drum beats
Down to a minimal level leaving
Only the whistle left of passing wind,
And the cargo that has been canalled
To inner places where thoughts are imprisoned.

Time transcends all the above mentioned,
And memories are lost and swallowed up
Until wine allows an open door to travel
Once again into the world under flaming sun.

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