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Christmas party games Christmas party games
by The Ovi Team
2020-12-24 09:21:56
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It's Christmas and most will have people art home including a lot of kids. So here some games for the Christmas party.

Stocking Stouffer Surprise

This is an easy game to adapt for any age. The preparations are simple and remain the same no matter who plays. You'll need stockings for each player and a few simple gifts or candies to put into the stockings. Another great thing about this game is that it doubles as party favours and we all know that during the holiday season we can all use anything that does the job of two!

Youngest players can play like go fish. Hang two sheets and have someone hide behind it. To play give the children a stocking and have them "hang" it by putting their hands into an opening in the sheets. The stocking is then filled with a cry of "ho, ho, ho!" the child can pull their hand out to see what they received. It is simple, but very fun.

Players who are just a bit older can play this game rather like heads up seven up. Two to five children are "it" while the others put out their stockings and hide their eyes. As quietly as possible the children who are "it" place goodies in one stocking apiece. When they have finished those children who have received goodies try and guess who filled their sock. If they guess correctly they take that child's place as "it". If the child playing "it" is not discovered they remain "it" Play continues until all children have had their stockings filled, or all have had a chance to be "it".

A great way to play this game is appropriate for all ages. If youngsters are included, it is wise to partner them with an older person. Begin on Christmas Eve by drawing names. Set a price limit, and head off to the nearest open store. Once there, split into couples and shop to fill the stocking for the person whose name we have drawn. It is very fun to see what ends up in those stockings.

Christmas White Elephant

There are many ways to play the white elephant game. Each is fun, so if your favourite mode of play is not listed here, just play it your way! If you have never played the white elephant game, or don't know how, keep reading.

Getting the gifts: There are a variety of rules that apply when selecting the type of gifts you will use in the white elephant game. Be sure all participants are on the same page. If you plan on having a white elephant game, it might be wise to specify what type of exchange it will be. It can be gag gifts, used items (or the re-gift), pamper me gifts, books well you name it. Just be sure you do name it. If the gifts are to be purchased set a price limit to keep things fair.

The exchange: One way, the speedster white elephant, is to have each person select a gift and open them at the same time. Once all gifts are open the mayhem of stealing begins. Each player can keep the gift they selected or steal one from someone else. If your gift is stolen you then can keep the one you got, and the chance to steal or pass moves around the circle clockwise from the person who went first. If you choose to steal, you get to do so now. Then play goes back to the next person in line. Each player has only one turn to steal or pass (unless their gift is taken). The game ends when the stealing rotation reaches the first person again.

The next way to play is one person goes first and plays passes clockwise from them around the circle. The players turn consists of selecting and opening a wrapped gift, or stealing a gift that has been opened by a previous player. If your gift is stolen you open a new gift or take one from another player. (You can't take the gift that was stolen from you back) .When all the gifts are open, and play reaches the first player, a new round begins. Play continues around the circle with each player having one chance to steal a gift or keep the one they already have. Each gift can only be stolen twice. The third person to take it gets it, period.

Note: this is a great game, but not for young children, especially those who are still in the phase of "if I touched it once, it's mine forever". Suggested age group for this game is 10 and up.

Christmas Guess Who

This is a classic game that can easily be adapted to reflect a Christmas party theme. The only preparation or modification you need to make for younger players is in the selection of simpler one word topics.

Inside every child is a ham waiting to come out. At a Christmas party select a few simple Christmas words and phrases for the children to act out. Have all the kids sit on the floor while one child stands in front. Tell the child what he or she is miming and let the other children guess. Once the correct answer is guessed a new actor is selected and play continues.

For older children the game can be more sophisticated. Have them break into teams and select 10-15 Christmas themed topics. The catch is they don't get to do the topics they create; they are for the other team. Screen the topics for difficulty, and assign a higher point value for the most difficult ones. This is a game of points!

Each team then selects the desired difficulty level and draws a topic. Then play is like above with one player trying to act out the clue for his or her team to guess. There is no stealing because the opposing teams created the clues. At the end of play, the team with the most points wins.

If you like the idea of being able to steal, then an impartial judge, this most often means mom or dad, can create the clues and keep them secret from the players. This also provides the opportunity to add a race element. Give all the teams the same clue, then they act simultaneously. The first team to guess correctly wins.

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