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Black Lines Black Lines
by David Barger
2023-05-09 06:17:40
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White mountainous clouds reflect
Orange magma colored sky
As the sun dips below fading tree lines.
Miracle like rays of light
Shine through the tree arranged branches -
Pinpoint upon swing rocking by slight breeze.
Beyond wooden swing set

Hovering above empty field
A swarm of gnats bounce about
Like a nervous juggler hyped up on caffeine.
Their zigzag movement highlighted by sun
Reflects the excitement
Of a child opening their first birthday gift,
Or a tattered flag being molested by the wind.
Just then I realize the bountiful measure in size
Where they reach from across my yard
To the declining ground forming creek bank.

Darkness begins to mingle with air,
And they disappear and shadow’s grasp
Like fingers stretching out to cover the land.
The sky impersonates a chameleon
Changing from blue to orange to pink,
And settles into dark violet ensemble
As black lines trace the formation
Of a hand accepting the night’s embrace.





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