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A glimpse of my world...
by Dana Halawa
2010-12-12 09:03:24
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Before I welcome you to my world, I must warn you that although you see infants and children of all ages, it’s rated R. Before I welcome you to my world, I am obliged by my morality to warn you of what you’ll see. If you believe in peace, in humanity, in the greater good of mankind, in the 21st century, in human rights, then u may want to reconsider entering my world.

For those of you who choose to go on, to take a step into my world, I say welcome. I shall guide you along your path through my world and I apologize for offering no guarantees over your life but I cannot even guarantee mine.

You are now standing over the ground where the American bulldozer, driven by an Israeli soldier, purposely ran over the American peace activist Rachel Corrie for trying to stand in the way of the demolishing of a Palestinian family’s home. Over here is where a children’s school used to be, to your right stood a mosque once upon a time, to your left a church. If you walk along this path you’ll reach a hospital, I’m sorry to say there won’t be any room for you or a doctor available to examine u if u get sick while visiting my world, because we’re overstuffed with the 760 plus bodies and 4000 injuries that came in, in the past two week alone.  Why are you so surprised?  Yes, that is a child you see, dead, left on the cold hospital floor, many soon to follow with the electricity blackout, hospital equipment will soon stop working. You must’ve been listening to the Israeli foreign minister and other Israeli officials around the globe assuring the world that they’re only targeting Hamas militants, they seem to forget the thousands of innocent children and civilian causalities. I will take you now to meet the terrorists you have heard so much about, Hamas; here they build the homemade weapons they use to fight an army with its 21st century weaponry and top military training. This man standing in front of you is the man you labeled a terrorist for having the pride that forced him to refuse bending on his knees, for swearing his life for his people’s freedom. Beside him stands the next “esteshhade” or as you like to call him, suicide bomber, a man preparing to sacrifice his life for his country. He would have told you his story, why he so easily welcomes death, the reason he can sacrifice his life so easily with nothing to hold him back, no one he has to live for, the story of how his entire family was murder by the airstrike that demolished his home, the story of why he couldn’t give his kids a decent life in a free world, why he can’t get a job  or leave,  but he no longer cares to, he no longer cares to get you to understand, to see his story. He doesn’t care if you label him a terrorist; he’s ok with being alone in fighting the true war on terror. He gave up on your sympathy long ago and doesn’t ask for your help but for you to just leave him alone.

I hate to ask you to leave, not when there’s so much more for you to see but the next air strike is about to hit and you will not be safe, but before you leave I ask you to please apologies on the behalf of my people for supporting terror, for forcing our Israeli neighbors to live in shelters. Apologize to the world please for resisting our genocide, the ethnical cleansing of our land, for refusing a peace without freedom, for refusing a two state solution that allows our neighbors to live without fear but gives us a state without control over its borders, water or air, a state with tens of Israeli settlements. We apologize for the international ciaos we are causing.

And to my people, I personally send my deepest apologizes for making all this financially possible by existing in this world, for buying international and even local products that have taxes paid to Israel. I apologize for the clothes I wear, for the food I eat, for the home I live in, for the water and electricity I use, for the phone I talk with, for the gas and car I drive, and for the air I breathe, all of which have made your genocide possible. As an American, I would also like to apologize for paying for the military weapons used to kill you by paying my taxes. I’m sorry for being able to stand in the center of Tel Aviv and feel happy without thinking of you. Sorry that I trivial my ability to go to Jerusalem when it’s your lifelong dream. Mostly, I’m sorry I ever believed in peace. I stand in front of you today saying sorry but, I won’t do anything, can’t do anything but stand in front of news only our world sees and watch you die. One by one, ten by ten, a hundred by a hundred tills it thousand by thousand and finally you’re eradication. I’m sorry to say that I have friends that live outside our world while amongst us; I call them friends although they couldn’t care less what happens to you. Farewell for those who will leave us today, for those who I will not get another chance to write to again, I ask you to please accept my apology before your soul departs this earth, I need to clear my conscience for after this is all over, I will go on living in this world like you never happened.

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Eva2010-12-13 07:51:48
Well written

fady sulaiman2011-01-10 00:11:18
ابتستاهلي كل خير على هل الكلام ويا ريت كل الناس تقرأ هل الحكي وبتشوف شو بسير باهل فلسطين

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