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My little Indian friend My little Indian friend
by David Barger
2019-11-20 11:07:58
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Sweet Sonya,
Hair of blackest coal.
I remember well your smile
Beckoning with straw;
Like a stuffed doll
Whose beauty never leaves.
indi01You knew the bad touch
The kind which settles
Deep into the purest soul.
Looking back through
Those days filled
Of youthful play,
Hearing what words you used
When you stayed
Where the fires kindled
Near your grandfather’s barn,
Even though I never visited
Because I was afraid
Of his touch.
I remember never asking
To ever go there with you,
And the only way such touch
Fondled me was by means of you
Sweet Sonya.
Indian blood flowed
Through your veins
Whose skin was darkened brown.
One year difference between us,
And being five I never knew
The exact pain you were
Accustomed to hold                                                                                           
There in the gates of Hoover’s grove.
I wonder how well you faired
Throughout the years
Since I last knew you
At the age of five;
Rounding the corner
And when six fell upon me
I never again would see you.
O’ beautiful child
Who was etched into my eyes!
I now know why,
And now know true
The very things which touched
Your youthful soul.
My little Indian friend,
I wonder how well you faired
When life went on,
And on,
And on?
While troubled stirred
Boiled and brewed
Inside the brown skin
Where your beauty formed.

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