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In Memory of motherhood
by Mbizo Chirasha
2010-06-06 09:27:39
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Written 30 April 2010, salutation to all mothers including my own mother who carried this freedom griot for times unforgotten.

Pain scribbled signatures in mothers buttocks
announcing the beginning of sunset
sun rays remained un vomited from the beauty of rainbows
war tied ropes of struggle  round their necks
many rhymes of suffering sung  and unheard
in congregations marching townships and mountains
in search of freedom seeds
seeds of their wombs yearned for freedom far to be harvested
motherhood a definition of honesty hearts
with breasts carrying scars ,laughter ,smiles, and hope
those dimples signatures of resilience
thighs with grafitti of bullet bruises
valleys of their backs smell  blood of sons,
sons long buried inthe barrel ofviolence
 life  stolen in its greenness
motherhood her hands trust  red clay soil , even
during  cloudless seasons
the womb that breathe  rays of this dawn ,today
scribbling this memory on the walls  of the rainbow
Shoulders of motherhood carried journeys and hope
how many times hope die ,rise and ripe
erase  propaganda from her shoulders
delete the baggage of slogan from from breasts
abort the luggage of war from her womb
bring  pastures that she  reap  fruits of freedom
motherhood how many times you cough sorrow
how many seasons you sneeze hunger
you have eaten enough poverty
and licked the rough hand of  war long unforgotten
motherhood freedom is now.

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