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Lost twitter of dinosaurs Lost twitter of dinosaurs
by David Barger
2019-09-02 06:39:13
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Red-breasted Robin,
Black crest Nuthatcher,
Timid little Sparrow,
And green flash of Hummingbird -
All gather near feeders
Which hang from different trees
From separate branches.
Each species make their daily stop
For a quick bite, and rest,
And twitter of gossip
Since computers are not a necessity;
The talks consist of the best places
For newly built nesting,
And to keep away from the
Yellow garage and brick shed
Where the local felines sharpen
Their retractable claws -
Especially that white striped pussy
With the hair all matted!

Some of the male birds
Clash about between the ground and air
With wings spread in flutter
At times seeming entangled together
All in the competition for female affection.

These long descendants of the dinosaurs
Fattened of feathers, and reptile claws
Now mostly for perching;
Their hollowed bones enabled for flight,
And beaks arranged in every size and shape.

Once in a while a Red-tailed Hawk 
Glides in the upper atmosphere
Riding the wind as a slow roller coaster
In hind sight with gentle swoops
Where the invisible air bends in fluctuation.

The morning sky erupts in a bountiful
Array of colors fixated upon its
Amazing inhabitants that grace our eyes.



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