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Roman Error Reconstructed Roman Error Reconstructed
by David Barger
2021-10-06 08:32:29
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The  wisher  wells  forsake  their  lands
To  build  atop  of  foreign  sands;
They  would  burn  a  house
For  the  debt  one  owed -
They  would  burn  a  house
But  not  their  own.

The  wisher  wells  want  foreign  trade
Where  there  is  profit  to  be  made;
Who  cares  about  job  security
As  many  jobs  move  overseas -
So  long  as  it  would  meet  their  need
The  common  thread  of  flourished  greed!

The  wisher  wells  seek  out  spoils
Such  treasure  found  in  foreign  oil;
Rebuild  the  nation  they  brought  down
Forget  the  homes  from  their  own  towns -
The foolish ones with power at hand
These wisher wells forsake their lands.




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