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Somethin' Is Better Than Nothin'
by Leah Sellers
2010-03-29 07:52:56
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Thank you, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and every other Democrat and American citizen who fought to push Healthcare Reform forward.

Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’.

Thank you for your Courageous Compassionate Action, tenacious Perseverance, and Nobility within Grace.

Grace is one of the toughest, scrappiest members of the Spiritual/Psychological Gifts Humans have to draw upon. Grace makes us malleable. Grace is Transformational. Grace allows us the opportunity to Graciously cope with Change.

Of course, the Republicans (and some democrats) who crushed the single pay, Public Option plan which would have low balled all of the Insurance Corporations premiums, and money-making standards, and generated greater Benevolent Capitalistic Competition within the Free Market by eventually driving all Healthcare costs and expenditures down, are continuing to bitterly, angrily and petulantly fight against any Healthcare Reform at all. Apparently, the nay saying Republicans (and small band of democrats) who claim to cherish the Free Market System missed a few classes in Managed Competition which leads to the benefit of the Many (not just the Elitist Few) and fewer Regulatory mechanisms and business restrictions. They seem to unshakably support Malevolent Capitalism and the continued Great Titanic sinking of the Healthcare System’s discriminatory, over-priced, inhumane and unsustainable Status Quo! In fact, the Republicans, Con-servatists, Tea Party Secessionists, and their cohorts are begging and insisting that all of Us fellow Americans remain on board the sinking ship of our present Health Denying System or be branded - UnAmerican!

The Republicans, Con-servative, Tea Party Secessionists, and other Malevolent Capitalism’s progenies and supporters have let the Democrats fighting on behalf of Healthcare Reform for the Many know just how dis-gruntled they are. They’ve been hurling negative verbal ‘sticks and stones’ around right and left ( but mostly left).

“Nigger! Faggot! Baby Killer!” They shout and spit! Just wait and see, now we’ll never cooperate with you Democrats! You just thought Congress was gummed up and stymied! We’ll show you Democrats and dastardly Liberals! We’ll never speak to you (other than to throw insults at you) - commiserate with- or compromise with you blankety-blanks again
Once again, fellows (and fellowettes), Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’.

The present Insurance Conglomerate, Monopolistic Corporation Octopus is either squeezing the American Public dry or just outright rejecting and leaving the sick and needy for shark meat and the bottom feeders. No thanks, chums!

Whatever happened to the Sunday School teachings of the Good Samaritan? Whatever happened to Social Conscience? Most great religions preach that when We the People take care of the Least of Us, We the People also take care of the Fortunate. Also, Common Sense and History tend to indicate that when the Many get tired of the abuses and misuses of their existing Freedoms being ignored and capitalized upon by the Elitist Few, it never bodes well for Society as a whole.

At least Americans are now headed in the direction of more Just, Equitable and Humane Healthcare Reform.

Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’!

However, put your Happy Faces on Elitist Few, Republicans, Con-servatives, Tea Party Secessionists, and Insurance Conglomerate, Monopolistic Corporation Octopi, because in the present Healthcare Reform Malevolent Capitalism is still being served and fed. Now approximately 32 million more Americans will be mandated to buy Healthcare Insurance, just as We the People are also presently mandated to purchase Auto Insurance. If Americans (for any reason) don’t buy Auto Insurance they are convicted of a crime, labeled as criminals, heavily fined and surcharged , and some are even sent to jail. So, Malevolent Capitalism will continue to be sustained and perpetuated by the mandates within this Healthcare Reform Bill as well.

If, instead, the Healthcare Reform Bill could have been paid for with each and every Americans (and immigrants living and working within America) tax monies (based on a sliding case-by-case scale) and specialized sales taxes nationwide, none of us would have to worry about being criminalized.

By the way, where were the Tea Party Secessionists, Republicans (and Democrats for that matter) when this breach of our Constitutional Rights got placed into our Law Books? What’s the difference between mandated Auto Insurance and mandated Healthcare Insurance? Why isn’t mandated Auto Insurance considered to be a Socialistic, Communistic Evil?

In fact, what if all Americans (and immigrants working within America) tithed 10 % of their annual income to their Healthcare.? What if that 10% was interest bearing? And if you never have to use your 10% of the Healthcare pool for anything considered catastrophic or chronic by the age of 70, then you get your accumulated 10% back for your retirement as a Good Health Bonus! The IRS could really become quite adept at keeping track of such accounts. That’s so much nicer than mandated fines and fees. Does that smack of too much Democratic thinking? Too much Individual Freedom and Market Freedom? Just wishful thinking in a Malevolently Capitalistic Society.

However, at least the present Healthcare Bill is moving We the People in the direction of more affordable, responsible, equitable, just and humane Healthcare Reform. Children (and four years from now, everyone else covered by this Healthcare Bill - because a few million Americans are still not covered by this partial Reform) can no longer be denied for infamous ’pre-existing’ conditions.

Using ‘Pre-existing Conditions’ as a reason not to Heal We the People has always seemed a little silly anyway. Because from the moment We the People are conceived within the womb We carry ’pre-existing’ conditions within our genetic encoding. Does that mean that No One deserves to be Healed? Because, like it or not, we’re all “pre-existing’ in one way or another.

Also, the government is going to struggle to bring costs and expenditures down across the board through more astringent Regulatory Systems, and give jobs to thousands of Regulators within the IRS (which is not a comforting thought, but they are the only mechanism already set in place, and empowered enough to handle this hefty chore). It will be interesting to see how the Insurance Corporate Octopi ink out, camoflage and attempt to swim around the government Regulators and their low impact regulations.

Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’!

Just think, if We the People had had the Choice of a more cost effective Public Option to compete with all of the other existing Insurance Companies, and naturally bring down all costs and expenditures through competition in a Free Market (moving toward Benevolent Capitalism) We the People would not have to pay for all of the IRS’s Regulatin’ Regulators comin’ down the pike. The Free Market would have regulated itself. Whatever happened to Common Sense and Fair and Balanced Judgment?

It’s important that everyone of We the People be able to afford Healthcare. It is important that everyone of We the People responsibly pay into the Healthcare system in order to make it affordable for everyone. The bigger the pot to draw from the more folks can be served and healed. The question is how do We the People most effectively go about that without losing more of our Freedoms to heavy regulations and punitively intrusive regulators.

From the recent Congressional outcomes it appears that the politicians against Healthcare Reform were more interested in placing things within the Bill to make it unsavory and unworkable so that it wouldn’t pass. Surprise! Surprise! Healthcare Reform passed! And now the opponents who slyly placed tidbits of nonsense into the Healthcare Bill to defeat it (and maintain Malevolent Capitalism) along with the potentially effective and transformative elements of the Bill. are trying to bring Healthcare Reform down using the very weaknesses they placed within the Bill.

Sound confusing? It’s supposed to be! Politics is not for the faint (or innocently pure) of Heart. What game playing con-nivances and con-trivances!

Luckily, the Healthcare Reform Bill does have some beneficial aspects to it. And the Republicans (and some democrats), Con-servatives, Tea Party Secessionists, and Insurance Conglomerate, Monopolistic Corporations did not succeed at killing the much needed, quasi-socially responsible Bill or Debate.

However, the Republicans, Con-servatives, Tea Party Secessionists, Insurance Conglomerate, Monopolistic Corporation Octopi have much to celebrate. Much to wave their indignant arms and grasping tentacles in the air about! They have managed to keep Malevolent Capitalism alive!

But Hope is not lost! We the People who support President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats and Others’ efforts for the continued rigorous processes and disciplines of Common Sense and Good Will, Social Conscience, and Grace are determined to struggle onward toward a Brighter, more just, equitable, and Humane Future for all Humankind!

Until then, Something’ (moving in the direction of Benevolent Healthcare Reform) Is Better Than Nothing’!

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