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"Haiti my generation"
by Mbizo Chirasha
2010-02-02 10:08:13
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Haiti my generation

Haiti, Haiti ,Haiti

Sorrow stole the heart of the land

Lungs of the east suffocating

South heaving with heavy smell of sweat

The west drunk with blood

The north intoxicated in tears

Death whispered terror in the marrow of this land

And the land became death, lungs of the earth heaved with,

Death of the beloved

Deathly wings flapping down green bushes, love eaten by darkness

Babies buried themselves, mothers went way smiling love

Seekers of divine run buzzing in bee-hive collective

Singing eulogies and laments in this perspective

Haiti Haiti Haiti

Don’t go to bed, with tears in your tender heart

And sweat of grief on your thighs

Darkness is swallowed by light

Energized sun springing eastwards

Heaven smiling to souls that went unwilling

Crimeless generation, when nature call even kings whimper.

Fire does not burn one bush, every time

I will sing you a song, a

Eulogy, crimeless generation

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti

Drink cups of hope with delight

Drink mugs of peace with hope


Light the candle lights, listening to silent freedom coming

Whispering moments of redemption

Haiti, crimeless generation

I am  on your lap, from somberness to the day when laughter laugh again

To the dawn when flowers bloom again

Smiles triumph shadows

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti

Rise and see the smiling sun

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Andrea Okoye2010-03-13 22:10:36
This piece is really a nice poem to behold. its so touchy and had some good messages to send across.Thumbs up for you.

mbizo chirasha2010-05-29 06:54:05
thanks colleague ,iam impressed ,its our role to console and stand by our people

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