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Interview with God!
by Pamela Hunt
2009-04-29 08:34:53
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Me: What do you think about Taco Bell? The burritos you know are pretty good….

God: I like mine hot as hell! (I made both….ya know!)

Me: You're known for creating great and beautiful things… How would you describe Mothers?

God: I chose the Rose!

Me: That's sweet…what about Fathers…

God: I spare the Prose…people, the children are always asking me what to get their father for Father's Day….

Me: Take them to Lowe's!

God…I know what you're going to ask me next, I'm God!

Me: Oh yeah!  Cool….

God: On children…I say…they are like daisies, innocent and abundant!

Me: Hey, I'm like that! I like them out in a field, quiet and they move only when the wind blows…

God: I see….

Me: I like children, don't get me wrong - but they tend to annoy me! Do you ever jet-ski?

God: Have you ever seen me?

Me: Ask a stupid question…

God: You ask a lot of stupid questions…

Me: Sorry….

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Emanuel Paparella2009-04-29 11:11:26
Here at least both Me and God are capitalizes although it is difficult to determine who is the image, God or Me. Idolatry can also be the worshipping or the rejection of one's own image of God. That is what the first commandment seems to be all about. And the second, according to the wise man in Palestine who dared say that He and Father were one, is like unto it: love your neighbor. The gods must be returning!

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