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Food 4 Thought Food 4 Thought
by Nic Mepham
Issue 10
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What are good ideas worth? Everything starts from something of course, but how does it all get filtered? Who does the choosing and who decides the losing? I guess it is, or isn't, anyone's business really. Now there is an interesting word. Say it slowly… bus-i-ness…busyness… busy ness. Sums up life these days doesn't it, at home and at work, busy, busy, busy?

They say that really happy people are probably too busy to be unhappy. There is a proverb that says if you are fortunate enough to find a way to do what you love to do, then you will never have to work a day in your life. The idea that there is no way to be happy; happiness is the way, as it "happens" to us.

In these modern days of "instant" gratification, those of us in the so-called independent and developed nations can be forgiven for not appreciating properly what good fortune we have inherited. We may well be more "connected" in this World to each other but the paradox is that we are also growing more detached and dependent on artificial aids for our well-being, suffer more selfishness and pedal the pursuit of preciousness. Lifestyles become ever more frantic, demanding and stressful, causing us to exchange values for fashion trends and new addictions.

Of course mediocrity is perhaps a worse dis-ease, especially the sad scenario of superficiality and half measures that we are often forced to live by these days. Such hollow art is in the business of looking busy, because it…well…looks better. We truly live in incredible times if people can afford to ignore and waste talent so easily, or worse, not even tolerate it in others. We all have gifts to share. The greatest are given freely.

The fact that the world can respond so quickly and generously to the calamity that literally engulfed Asia is truly remarkable. Such a heart breaking and horrific situation has also brought much hope. The mobilisation of charities, corporations, citizens and countries on an unprecedented scale providing an unprecedented response to an unprecedented occurrence has set a new "precedent", that, if it succeeds even on a small scale, it will be huge and heart warming. As always, it is not the amount that counts, but the quality.

In the bus-y-ness of today's World it has become all too easy to complain about the shortcomings or failures of things around us instead of finding reason to give compliment or commendation. Compassion is learned in the bus-y-ness of life and such ideas, as well as the thought it generates, are priceless. Ultimately it is the thought; in the first place, that counts the most.

© nic mepham 06 >> nic@artworks.fi <<

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