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Preface to sail Preface to sail
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-06-14 07:35:24
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Preface to sail
kiss me, gentle mist on fog’s grey skin.
spray your perfume, salty sweet,
that I may lose my bitter tinge.

mellow me, soft cotton without a fringe.
sprinkle your breath, comfort me,
that I may shed the night’s gritty sins.

quell me, quiet swarm with aimless rims.
spread your whispers, a muffled din,
which I will recall, in later repose.

yet, you tease me with your sordid grin.
like silent flaws, you hold no passion,
I care not for your enticing magic.

be gone, now, beastly horns that sting.
melt away your milky soul ahead of me,
before I take my ship to sea.




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