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"That Little Girl With Her Hands To The Sky"
by Hunter Dasten
2009-02-08 09:51:32
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Have you ever clung to a desire for so long
that your eyes saw nothing else?
The most beautiful part of existence is the ability to dream,
to aspire toward a goal, no matter how lofty!

Like the little girl with her hand outstretched to the stars,
hoping for just one touch of the cosmos.
Try as she may, with all of her might
soon she will realize she cannot reach very far.
That little girl does not cry!
In fact she simply sits there,

And soon tonight, like many before
her mother will call with affection,
peeking out the front door.
'Sweetheart, my darling where are you?
It's getting late and you need your sleep! '
That little girl does not whine!
In fact she just walks in,

The little girl with her hands to the sky,
is content with the knowledge that tomorrow is another day.
Her arms will be one day longer,
and the stars will still be there.
Her dream may wither until it can't even be seen
but her dream will never tear.

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Leticia2009-06-02 14:59:47
i think this poem is what captures me ... i like it alot , it may soothe many a hearts , but it most definitely has won mine

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