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Caffeinated: Only woman in the Koran
by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Issue 10
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On the 17/11/73 in Athens a tank invaded the polytechnic University (of Athens) because a group of students having created a radio station were undermining the military regime. Exactly one year later the first legitimate elections took place after 7 years (from 21/04/67) of military suppression, indescribable tortures and numerous deaths.

Having that in mind I was thinking about the quality of democracy of today, nah! Who cares it’s a national holiday today so no school, no wary, I’ll just take my girlfriend to the movies and relax...

I can’t remember the name of this new movie that shows these two Palestinians that work on a suicide bombing attack. Then again why? I could just visit the free democratic republic of Iraq and research for myself. Oh my god, if only my poor ancestors knew how cheap this noble idea would turn out to be nowadays.

The art of war is of vital importance for the state - Sun Zu, 500 BC

I’m still trying to find out what he meant.

Did you know that Virgin Mary is the most esteemed female figure in the Muslim religion? In fact she is the only woman mentioned in the Koran.

Every third Thursday of the November the Beaujolais Nouveau of the current year hits the stores. The legend says that sampling this wine is the best and most accurate way to tell how good the past year was Europewide. Well after extensive research I can accurately tell you that this year was exceptionally good. Actually we already knew it since both the amount of rain and the temperatures this summer were as good as they could possibly be but a little sampling never hurt anyone!!!

Yesterday the good’ol government owned telecom company announced that the price (euro per second) for the dial up (56K) internet connections will climb up, up to 150% (from 0.36 per hour to 0.6 EUR) and that is just for a poor 56K dial up connection WITHOUT the server costs, no wonder why there are only 18 internet users for every 100 residents (from eurostat) about 1.8 mill in total. Think of it, 70 EUR/month (in average) WITHOUT ANY PHONE CALLS AT ALL!!! (for a 3h use per day plus tax plus average flat charges) The interesting part however was the amount of reaction that this announcement caused both yesterday and today.

Late today in the afternoon a press release from the telecom company made it to the media, they stated that they will reconsider the changes (without mentioning anything at all about price cuts), this is what it means to live in a modern third world country...



The first of December was the global AIDS day.

Amazing (casualty) numbers, poor actions.

Oscar Wilde said that life is too important to take it seriously... he wasn’t necessarily correct, at least not always.

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