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A doped spirit
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-10-13 09:23:17
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The International Olympic Committee announced that they are going to re-examine every single athlete’s example from the last Olympic Games in Beijing due to doping suspicions! And my answer can be only …really? It took you a bit to wake up, didn’t it?

I have said it before for the first time after fanatically watching all the Olympic Games till the Athens Olympics I didn’t watch even a minute of Beijing and I have said it before that there is absolutely no reason for all these tests, all this investment in money and time to research in order to find the drugs that some athletes are taking. For the simple reason that all the athletes are taking them and the Olympic Committee herself is responsible for that.

So what do they think that they are going to find out now? By the way, how many young people from the ones who participated in this Olympics had, for nearly a decade, Marion Jones as their role model? Most of them! The woman was just perfect after all, a perfect athlete, a beautiful woman and later a devoted wife and mother. Today, eight years after Sydney Olympics, she’s a fake that has served time in prison but in the meantime how many kids grew up dreaming to be her?

But Marion Jones – and there are hundreds of names; it's just that her name comes to mind now – was not the real fake, actually she was the victim, the victim of somebody else’s greed, she was the victim of the International Olympic Committee, the most corrupt organization on earth this moment. These men and women who constitute this organization are the total fake, led by money and sex scandals, guilty of killing and pillorying the Olympic spirit.

These people led by the Archbishop of Greed, the worst president this committee ever seen, Jacques Rogge has sold not only their soul and body to the dollar or the euro, but they have sold something that was never theirs. Something that is over 3,000 years-old and it has to do with the fundamentals of human history and dignity, the Olympic spirit. These people, in the name of television and adverts, are the real responsible for the doping in the Olympic Games. These people force athletes to make records.

Why do you think a poor Canadian boy from a family that lived in the limits of poverty wanted so much an Olympic medal, because it would give him a house for him and his family, so far his dreams were going and he was ready to fill his body with drugs and live the embarrassment he had to live so the Olympic Committee will sell more and better. They are so disgusting that they sold even the scandal and they do so today with Marion Jones. They use the poor woman for their P.R. games and of course their profitable causes even now she’s below nothing, having lost beyond money and fame her dignity and nearly losing her own kid. There are other examples that they lost their own lives in the end.

Perhaps the athlete, the real victims of the murderous Olympic Committee can do the difference. Perhaps if they stand and refuse top play this billions dollars game. Perhaps if they refuse to participate in those pathetic Grand Prix, perhaps if they remember why they are really there, the message and the responsibility they carry. Why a young athlete should not take drugs today? The mistake Marion Jones did was that they caught her, except that all it counts for the Olympic Committee is the records and how many people will watch her making those records and in extent in how many millions this will be exchanged in televised adverts.

In ten years we will find out that Beijing Olympic Games were the dirtiest Olympics ever and it wouldn’t surprise me if the crowds were doped as well with something so they cheer louder and more enthusiastically, just like we found out that the Sydney Olympics weren’t so perfect and Athens one had some …handicaps! In the meantime Rogge enjoys his champagne we paid planning the next Olympics and his profits! By the way, how much are the Londoners going to pay Rogge’s circus and do they think that this is part of the …Olympic spirit?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-13 12:30:55
“A doped spirit” is indeed an apt metaphor for the kind of times we live and have our being in. Doped bodies are a reflection of doped minds and souls. It is a sad state of affairs well identified by Kierkegaard all the way back in the 19th century and identified by him as “the sickness unto death,” that is to say, the state of being sick and in despair and not even knowing it.

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