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You are #1 ...
by Linda Lane
2008-10-01 09:26:48
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My office is two blocks from the US Federal Reserve Bank and The Bank of America in San Francisco, California, USA. Walking between them next to the US Fed Reserve Bank building I noticed the sidewalk is very sparkly with black mica embedded in the concrete.

At that moment a young Chicano man walked by me, wearing a sparkly black shirt with the words "Big Money" in a large cursive script emblazoned across his chest as he dragged his long Levis along his ankles original gangster style - Yah, by the way Ice-T, you make it look good, mais oui - it's over but the street don't know it.

As I passed by the Fed's high security entry gate for vehicles an enormous breaker bar of massive steel suddenly and quietly appeared from a steel panel in the ground with a yellow bar at the top of it. Nobody driving anything is getting in that gate without permission, not even Batman. They'd have to come from above.

Rounding the corner, three guys in a tiny white car passed me, one stuck his head and chest out the window and bellowed out in my general direction, "You are #1, Bitch!" I think those were the words to the song. Being the research geek I am, I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary, but "You Are Number 1, Bitch" is not defined yet.

There you have it, they know about it at least, very special. Well of course, I should reserve judgement, but I prefer to think at the street level in San Francisco at least, being Ichiban is surely royal-like. Now that I can find as an American made t-shirt for your Ichiban Dog.

So I offer this to the #1 Ichiban Federal Reserve Bank - "She's a Brick - house, She's mighty, mighty, Just lettin' it all hang out. Yea she's a brick - house, That lady's stacked, And that's a fact, Ain't holdin' nothin back, Oh she's a brick - house, Yeah she's the one, the only one, Built like an Amazon" ... with a bush on top, just like a cherry, to hide the sharp shooters!

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LL2008-10-03 07:36:42
Nice editing Asa!

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