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Welcome to "The Sparrow's Nest
by Duncan Butt Juvonen
2008-04-07 08:51:10
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My new show, 'The Sparrow's Nest', opens next Wednesday April 9th from 6pm at Kuvataideakatemian Galleria, Kasarmikatu 44, next door to the Savoy Theatre.

There will be decorative plates, projections, books and animations. You will see smiling fish, dining rabbits, aging relatives, a miniature sailor, a self-loathing monkey, a self-harming crow and get to know all about Mister Mungo and the Clatterball.



"Pottery and plates are probably the most frequently collected of household decorations. They can be romantic, sophisticated, sleek, or fun. From all-white ironstone, to bold and bright Fiesta ware, to blue-and-white ginger jars, the forms and colors of pottery give many lovely reasons to collect and display these treasures."
- Jennifer Powell, The Sparrow's Nest, 2004

* * * * * * * * *

The Sparrow's Nest, Kuvataideakatemian Galleria, 10-20th April, 2008

Duncan Butt Juvonen is a British artist, resident in Helsinki, currently studying his Masters Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts (Kuvataideakatemia). He has exhibited extensively in England and Ethiopia and had his first solo show in Finland in 2005. He has had artwork featured on book jackets and published in style magazine The Face.

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