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On the defensive
by Kevin Mitchell
Issue 7
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Is it still the beautiful game? It seems to me that football is becoming a game lacking skill and excitement. It does not help when officials side with the defensive team, when the rules state that any doubt goes to the attacking team. Tactics are normally unadventurous. Teams do not try to win, but try to not lose. For me it makes for a dull game.

Greece has to be the dullest team to win an international cup. To win Euro 2004 they scored seven goals in six games. Only in one game did they score more than one goal, compare that to Brazil winning the Confederations Cup this year (yes, I known it means nothing) , where Brazil scored 12 goals in five games, including a 4-1 win in the final and a 3-0 win over Greece.

Greece did not score a single goal in three games. I know Brazil are very skilful and, for me, one of the few teams who play attacking football, with four attacking players in a 4-2-2-2 formation.

Big change is needed at the top of football, from FIFA and the likes of UEFA down to the nationals FAs. Enforce the rules so that attacking football is encouraged. Change the group systems in the World Cup and other tournaments, so you have the teams with the most points, no matter where they finish in the group, advance to the next round.

When FIFA say that too much football is being played, why do they have things such as the Confederations Cup? Who cares about it? I cannot see change happening anytime soon with the leaders of the game now. Hopefully, one day, they will wake up and see people want an exciting game. Not one with defenders.

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