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Trimensional anxiety - VIII Trimensional anxiety - VIII
by Thanos Kalamidas
2023-09-17 06:05:18
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We were close to where we were going to meet Britt for lunch, both of us silently walking fast, me the angry one Tommy enjoying the situation.  There was some rain so little was moving around and we were just ready to turn the corner when my eye caught on my left some kind of weird movement. Obviously Tommy felt the same because our turn left was simultaneous.

An obviously male torso stood there, turned towards us with something like a pad stack on its chest that projected a picture. A picture of Britt in a garden of yellow flowers. ‘Stood’ perhaps was not the right word since the torso was somehow hovering nearly a meter above the ground.

And then it vanished just like it appeared; suddenly.

“Did you see?” I managed to say.
“There was a ...mistake,” Tommy managed to answered and after standing there for a few seconds in total silence we both simultaneous moved towards the empty space where the torso was just a few minutes before.
“There was absolutely no mistake, I saw it, you saw it, we both saw it.”
“No, no there was a mistake.” Tommy insisted.
“What mistake Tommy?”
“There were no arms.” He answered uneasily.
“You can’t be serious,” I said a bit louder than I as planning.
“Listen man, there is never been a torso without arms. Without head, without legs but never without arms. “
“And what that means?”
“That here is some kind of evolution here.”
“Evolution by giving less than more? Doesn’t make sense.”
“Oh good, while seen a torso or a head in the middle of nowhere makes so much sense to you.”
He was right, of course.

And Britt was there as well. She just came round from the corner, obviously heading for the cafe we were all going to have lunch. Two women standing by the door stared at her but she didn’t notice it. She noticed as two standing on the other side of the road watching so she moved towards us.

“What?” she asked when she got close and saw our faces.
“There was a projection with a picture of you,” Tommy said.
“Me?” She asked with eyes wide open. “How odd!”
“In a garden,” I added.
“Up there,” Tommy pointed the air space between the buildings where the torso had appeared.
“No, where was the garden?”
We both looked at her surprised.

“Is it important?” I asked.
“If it was my garden, it is.” She said angrily.
“Not sure, don’t think so...” I answered and Tommy looked lost and the same time so focus.

“She’s right, you know, everything is important.” Tommy said after a few minutes of silence.

The women cross the street came closer and one of them turned to Tommy and asked, “did you see me as well?”
“See you?” Tommy asked confused.
“Yes, on that torso. The picture...”
“See you?” It was my turn to ask.
“Yes, me in that garden...”
“We didn’t see you... but we...” I tried to finish it but she didn’t let me, “Oh you saw my friend here. She thought the same.”
“No,” Britt said, “they think that they saw me.”
“In a garden?”
“In a garden.”
“Oh Buddhachrist,” the other woman cried and run away.


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