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Informational Intent Informational Intent
by Jan Sand
2023-09-17 06:04:58
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There are these thoughts
Of genes and memes that posses
Desires of their own,
That inspire, examine to inquire
With an intellect to collect that uses us
And not we of them.
Does one plus one utilize, in fun,
A handy human mechanism to create two?
Does all of humanity, within its clear insanity,
Subdue itself to perform necessities, not for itself,
But to respond to ideas whose ends and means
Have goals we cannot know?
Concepts and alien conclusions exert odd powers
To empower odd gods, really strange economies
And the most mysterious behaviors to create doubts
That a sensible humanity could not inspire or desire.
There seems to be something else in control
That could wreck the entire planet for us,
But prepare it for something else.
A complex of arcane knowledge out of
Their central fibers of unknown destinations.
We have become the tools
Of the unknown.

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