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Beautiful Words Beautiful Words
by Nikos Laios
2023-09-14 07:47:25
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The pages 
Of a poetry 
Book flap open 
In the breeze on a table,
And the heat of the 
Day melts on my forehead
And cheeks and I close 
My eyes and an 
Orange warmth 
Floods the inside 
Of my eyelids,
And sweat trickles 
Down my neck.

The Greek sun 
Blazes in the middle 
Of the Mediterranean 
And my soul bathes 
in the dazzling Aegean deep 
With the billowing sails,
Blue church domes, 
Blue wooden shutters, 
Whitewashed walls, 
Pink bougainvilleas,
The scent of lemons,
The aromas of baked 
Bread and spinach pies.

I swim 
In the poetry 
Of the Greeks,
Bathe in the 
Sparkling words
Of Homer, Pindar,
Palamas, Sikelianos,
Seferis, Cavafy,
Odysseus Elytis
And Yannis Ritsos;
That dance 
Like flecks of 
Golden light 
On the glassy 
Waves of summer.

As the sun 
Goes down,
I dance with 
A glass of red wine 
On my head in
In the madness 
Of a hot night,
With beautiful girls 
Kneeling around me in 
A circle clapping 
Their hands and 
Honouring my dance; 
And then the morning sun 
Comes up and bleary 
Eyes wake up to
Greek coffee cups
And pastries 
And pealing 
Church bells.

The pages of 
The same poetry 
Book flap open 
In the morning breeze,
And the black words 
Glisten in the sunlight, 
And I dive in 
And lose myself 
In the beautiful words
Of a beautiful world;
And I emerge bronzed,
Salt-encrusted ,refreshed,
Rejuvenated, cleansed, reborn,
Free and forever 


With a digital painting by Nikos Laios


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