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Swift agility Swift agility
by Theodore K. Nasos
2023-08-04 08:00:53
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Confused and greeted by unfamiliar surroundings, realizing that life might have slumber into an unknown space without any recollection of how it got there.

Trying to gather thoughts looking at an invisible mirror and discovering the reflection is not who was expected to be. An unknown face looking back. Eyes fluttered open greeting an unfamiliar stare. Faint rays of an enigmatic smile. The allure of the process.

Gathering courage and swing over the edge to look closer at the reflection of the face that shouldn’t be there, harbouring the sense of empty spaces in between and fragments of life.

Frozen smiles and long lost joyful moments; pictures of a past with familiar facades that should have never been forgotten. Trying somehow to grab the conception; is this a new reality or is it just the only actuality? Is it a journey, an experience or an exploration of uncertainty? What do the lines over and under the eyes say?

And that fleeting feeling, the need to break the chains, the call to escape from all the deaths of time and the unfamiliar face that stares from the mirror.
The lost ability to shatter bonds.
The decision to be done.

The face in the mirror smiled. Needed to reclaim life and confront its identity. Escape from the limitations of the senses and the doubts often imposed by ideas, explanations and others.

Embrace and move on.
In a swift agility and acceptance.
In a slow dance through life that never really ends just changes a bit and on time.

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