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Spruce Up Spruce Up
by Saloni Kaul
2023-05-17 06:38:39
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Rewards do come from being neat and tidy,
That big spring cleaning when you simply tidy up,
Instant as that tidy sum that’s for you ready,
Or you make clean net gains sturdy as horse’s stirrup.
Garden substantial neat and tidy, well maintained,
Like picture-perfect towns, books trim as steaks crumbed,
Traditionally have always been to countries likened
Where system, order and beauty is rule of thumb.
As hedges trimmed, lawns weeded mowed, flowerbed
Etched, shaped, stretched out varied vast as your dreams allow,
So books on shelves, papers in desk stapled or clipped,
Clothes in cupboards/closets, shoes on shoe rack take a bow!
Heed this, if poet’s loud entreaties are to no avail,
In short, ‘Tidy Your Room’, let Mom’s word instantly prevail!

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