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Ovi Bookshelves: Walter's Heart by Bohdan Yuri Ovi Bookshelves: Walter's Heart by Bohdan Yuri
by The Ovi Team
2023-05-10 07:59:54
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Bohad Yuri’s eBook “Walter’s Heart” in Ovi Bookshleves for you to read online or FREE download in a variety of formats.

If I’d chosen the Bosnia assignment, I would have been home that day. Would I have gone to the funeral had I’d known? I don’t know. Death has no friends but it calls all friends. And Walter was my friend.

1st published: January 2008
2nd published: July 2021

You can download the book in PDF/epub/mobi formats from the Ovi Bookshelves page, HERE!

From the Ovi magazine page HERE!
Download in PDF format HERE!
Download in epub format HERE!
Download in mobi format HERE!

And you can always enjoy reading it online, HERE!

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