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What will survive us? What will survive us?
by Abigail George
2023-05-05 06:41:30
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I sit here writing  
and the words seem to pour out  
of me effortlessly  
but as soon as they  
leave the vessel that contains  
my body I freeze 
branch out of my fingertips.  
I become like a tree.  
turn into a cloud animal  
and then I remember you.  
You are not here. Not  
in my life world anymore. 
You could be as far  
away as Cambodia. You  
could be in the Philippines, and I think  
to myself do you think of me  
at all? You’re the rot found  
in driftwood eating away at its 
core, you could be at the centre  
of the sun harming the  
volcano burst in my eyes. You’re seed 
and I am harvest. You are a  
season planted in my vision  
growing cold. You’re moth-smoke, 
trellis-yielding apricot 
blemish. I would have  
been a bad mother. The grain of rice sticks 
to the pot lid. The day is  
ceremonial and announces  
itself. It offers me a prairie-clean mango. 
I am solo in wilderness. 
You will find me there 
where the light bends between art 
and the seduction theory 
that is necessary and integrated. 
The chill in my fingertips is inspired 
and fractured. I am filled with 
loss, hope, longing, grief. The  
awareness of it all weighing me down. 
Doing yoga in moonlight. 
I watch the clock. 
It is enough for me to watch the clock, to gaze at the wall, 
to pretend that you are still here. 
I stand cathedral tall.  
The blue fashions me out of clay and  
you greet me as I meet air. 
You, bird. Oracle to the stars. 
The expanse is a telescope, the nothingness is 
shoreless. I pretend you did  
not give me love, never 
made me feel love for myself. I sit away, 
plant seed and wait for it to harvest. 

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