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Ovi Bookshelves: Missing by Mark Hayton Ovi Bookshelves: Missing by Mark Hayton
by The Ovi Team
2023-05-04 05:33:49
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One more eBook from our Ovi magazine eBookshelves with a short story; this time from Ovi’s friend and contributor, Mark Hayton.

“Aaaaarrggghhh!!” a war cry, quickly followed by the thump of hand on plastic. The alarm clock silences. This is the Dawn of Man. I lift up my head open my bleary eyes and cough deeply.

1st Edition: April 2008
2nd Edition: June 2021

You can download the book in PDF/epub/mobi formats from Ovi Magazine page, HERE!

From the Ovi magazine page HERE!

Download from Ovi magazine HERE!
Or download in PDF format HERE!
Download in epub format HERE!
Download in mobi format HERE!
Or enjoy reading it, HERE!

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