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The Vine The Vine
by Nikos Laios
2023-05-03 06:29:04
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The fruit of
The vine;
Red wine

If the 
Vines could 
Speak, what 
Would they say?

The shepherd 
Boy waiting for
Her loving embraces,
Sharing tender kisses
Under the arching vine;
Its ruby red grapes hovering 
Above like ruby baubles 
Glistening in the sun amongst 
The luminescent green 
Vine leaves.

The old couple 
Walking hand-in-hand 
On a Sunday on the way 
To church,walking through 
The vineyard to the sound 
Of clanging church-bells 
With the scattered dappling light 
Filtering through the vines 
Dancing on the dark
Moist earth.

The children gathered 
Around the hearth 
Shadows dancing on 
Their faces around the 
Crackling flames and 
The aromatic cracked 
Chestnuts as they listened
To their grandfather's 
Stories; as the withered
Winter vines like darkened 
Claws blowing in the wind 
Scratched at the bleeding 
Clouds listening to the stories 
As well.

The vine had heard
And witnessed these
Warm and rustic timeless
Rhythms of the village;
It had sucked in the essence 
Of its native earth,sucked
In the soul of the people and 
Village that had tendered its
Vines so lovingly for generations 
And now was encased in green 
Corked bottles travelling far at sea 
To new lands and new peoples.

When they 
Drink the wine,
The red fruity wine,
That fruit of the vine;
Will they think of the 
Vine? The rustic Hearth?
The dark brown earth?
The quint village 
And its home?

The fruit of
The vine;
Red wine


With a digital painting by Nikos Laios


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