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I Miss The Days I Miss The Days
by Nikos Laios
2023-03-10 08:43:29
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I miss the hot desert, 
I miss the green valleys,
I miss the majestic mountains,
I miss the clean oceans
And the pristine rivers 
That once flowed into the sea,
I miss the days of adventure 
And the sense of freedom 
In travelling a world 
That was still young 
At heart.

I miss the transcendence 
Of a Sunday morning 
During springtime,
I miss my mother’s
Cooking and the 
Sweetness of 
Family laughter 
Around the table, 
I miss the carefree 
Summer days of 
My youth with the
Smell of cut grass 
That hung in the air.

I miss the days 
Of record players
When the were 
No mobile phones
Or social media,
When people knew
How to write letters
And looked at each 
Other straight in 
The eyes.

I miss the days of 
Innocence when life 
Was simpler and people 
Knew who they were 
And cared for each other;
I miss those days and the
Unique qualities that made 
Us human which have been 
Lost forever, because they 
Will never come back again,
For the world has become 
A cruel and soulless place,
And that is the tragedy 
Of the modern world.


With a digital painting by Nikos Laios


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