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A Plea For Peace in Troubled Times A Plea For Peace in Troubled Times
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2023-03-02 07:21:23
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A Plea For Peace in Troubled Times
By Taiye Olaniyi

Humanity, no doubt is composite of humans in all geographic places of the world, a mixed grill of beings, peoples in places in their environmental and behavioural patterns.

We all belong to different places at different times and thus are categorized according to who and what we are, our cultures, belief systems, traditions we proclaim and all in all the geography of our myriad of interrelationships.

Individually and collectively we have interests of all sorts which may conform and / or conflict with those of others in our immediate communities, societies and world at large.

In politics, government and governance, in economics, economy, in culture and socio- scientific indices we can safely upload and download similarities and differences.

Our world order daily gets disrupted by religious intolerance, racial and ethnic conflicts and today's world of politics are dissonances and discords of all sorts.

Yet the soul essence of beings calls for harmony, state of imperturbability and what the Rosicrucian refers to as "Peace Profound".

Individually and collectively too, humanity seems to have lost touch with peace of the heart, body, mind and soul but yet the " elixir " we daily must strive for.

Peace is the spiritual kernel that sets the whole of being for greater light and divine illumination.

To attain peace, the "Peace Profound" we must learn to hearken to that wonderful ordinance of human existence that resonates in the "Fatherhood of God" and "Brotherhood of Man."

Are you then a point of light that glitters and glows, that nurtures and cultivate peace in the innermost of your heart, the mind , the words that you speak and by the actions for which you are known?

A reflection of this nature calls for personal aspirations, perspiration and for inspiration for

" Peace Profound ".

Ready and always ever ready to be that harbinger of peace as Nigeria goes on the determination of true nationhood and for the entire world of humanity?

Then check in your own heart and you will find your God revealed for Peace Profound even at this troubled times of ours.

May Light, Life and Love tender our entire lives and enrich our one and only humanity with Peace Profound.

God bless Nigeria.



Taiye Olaniyi, a retired Postman of the Nigeria Postal Service, lives in Lagos

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